Christa was such a blessing and help throughout the pregnancy and birth of our baby girl. Christa was always there to answer any questions we had and if there was something she didn't know she would always research and get back to us with an answer. Had we not had Christa as our doula our birth experience would have been drastically different.

I was in early labor for 2 1/2 days over (Christmas Eve and Christmas day), but Christa was there to guide us through and helped us avoid a premature hospital visit. Once we finally got to the hospital Christa was so helpful with getting us settled in which gave my husband the ability to stay focused on helping me through contractions. My husband said that having Christa there really made a huge difference for him throughout the entire process.

Overall I spent 24 hours in active labor at the hospital, and without Christa I am confident I would have ended up needing a cesarean. There were multiple times where we would have followed the doctors advice without knowing our option or that we were allowed to say no and ask for more time to think about what was best for us. Because we knew our options and were able to articulate our goals to the doctors, they worked with us and gave us more time then the hospital would normally allow. With Christa's help and advise I was blessed to be able to vaginally give birth to my baby girl, and it is one of the best memories of my life.

We are so thankful for the help Christa gave and would highly recommend her to anyone going through a pregnancy. She will listen to your goals and ideas and work with you to achieve them.

Julia J.

My husband and I just had our first child 7 months ago. You could say we knew very little about labor and delivery. We reached out to Christa Joy who provided us with so much information and helpful resources. She walked with us through most of our pregnancy and our very long labor. The support she provided was above and beyond what we could have hoped for and was so instrumental in getting us through the labor specifically. When I was tired and discouraged she was right there gently pushing me through. She made me feel comfortable and relaxed, making it easy to invite her along on this very personal journey. 

Brittni G.